Class Descriptions

Class Legend:

(B): Beginner Friendly, (AB): Advanced Beginner, (I): Intermediate (E): Enrollment, (P) Prenatal Appropriate

Essence Aroma Flow: Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to treat and heal the body.  In this energetic vinyasa class essential oils will be diffused in the room to create mind-body awareness.  Students also have the option of applying the essential oils to their skin to enhance the effect.  (B)  (AB)  (I)

Essence DEEP Stretch & Flow:  Is the perfect balance of yin and yang. You will explore a practice designed to increase strength and stamina, open tight muscles, relieve stiffness and increase flexibility and range of motion. Prior yoga experience is helpful but not required.  (B)  (AB)  (I)

Essence Flow 1:  Introduces yoga postures and principles designed to build strength, flexibility, openness, and awareness into the body. It also gives an overview of the flow method. Classic yoga postures as well as modifications are introduced to give students many options in the development of a personal practice. (AB)  (I)

Essence Flow 1.5:  Is designed for Flow 1 students who are ready for a deeper challenge and want to ease into Essence Flow 2.  Students are taught intermediate variations on yoga postures learned in Flow 1 and are encouraged to
take their practice to the next level.(AB)  (I)

Essence Flow 2:  Builds on previous yoga experience with an emphasis on helping the student develop stamina, strength, and a personal practice. The class refines the student’s understanding of fundamental yoga principles and further explores the flow method as well as advanced standing postures.  (I)

Essence Slow Flow: This class is designed to gently warm the body, open tight muscles, relieve stiffness and increase flexibility and range of motion.  (B)  (AB)  (I) (P)

Gentle Flow:  Offers a great way to come back to center and gently work out the kinks and stresses of a hectic life. We’ll explore gentle flows and focus on the breath and relaxation.  (B)  (AB)  (I) (P)

Gospel Yoga Flow®:  Created and founded by Courtenay Smith-Brown, this vigorous vinyasa class is set to gospel music and utilizes biblical references to help students connect the mind and body, while exploring their “edge.”  Geared toward opening the heart, mind and body, attendees should be prepared to “Sweat in the Spirit.” Modifications are given, so all levels are welcome.  This class is held on 1st Wednesdays only.  (B)  (AB)  (I)

Hot Yoga Happy Hour:  End your workweek right with hot yoga, energizing music, good company, wine (or tea) and chocolate!  Students will explore a series of yoga asanas designed to loosen up joints and relieve muscle stiffness. The room is heated to warm the muscles, prevent injuries and allow for a deeper release in the body.  Students can enjoy wine, tea and chocolate following class.  Open to all levels.  (B)  (AB)  (I)

Intro to Yoga:  Gives new students an overview of yoga and its history. Yoga poses, breathing techniques and the Vinyasa method are introduced. (B)  (P)

Meditative Moments:  Some of us don’t meditate because we may think it’s too hard to sit for long periods of time with a quiet mind. Meditation can be done in as little as one minute. In this 20 minute guided meditation class participants will learn tools to enable them to make mediation a part of their everyday life.  (B)  (AB)  (I)

Meditative Movements:  Meditation allows one to come back to the center and realign with what is important to all of our individual lives.  Often mental stress and physical discomfort makes it hard to relax long enough to meditate.  In this class students will explore energetic asanas and sequences designed to invigorate the body, release mental and physical blocks and prepare the mind for meditation.  At the end of class students will be led through a guided meditation and breathing technique.  (AB)  (I)

Midday Yoga Flow:  Say goodbye to the afternoon “blahs” with our energetic midday flow class!  (AB)  (I)

Restorative Yoga:  Restorative yoga is a completely quiet, effortless form of yoga designed to impact, in subtle yet powerful ways, the mind and body of each client. All postures are practice lying down, and the body is completely relaxed and supported, by props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks, to ensure maximum physical comfort.  (B)  (AB)  (I)  (P)

Sunrise Yoga:  What a wonderful way to start your day!  This early morning flow class helps to invigorate the body, increase mental clarity, and awakens the muscles.  All levels are welcome.  (B)  (AB)  (I)

Therapeutic Yoga: Healthy Back & Knees:  Our therapeutic yoga classes are designed to improve overall health and well-being with special focus on areas susceptible to injury. In this class students will explore asanas designed to safely strengthen and stretch the back and knees.  As a special treat classes are infused with aromatherapy.  (B)  (AB)  (I)  (P)

Yoga for Newbies Course: Yoga for Newbies is designed for students that want to ease into yoga practice and also for those wanting to ease into yoga and physical activity and those recovering from injury.  Class is combination of lecture and practice.  Students will learn: foundational yoga asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation techniques, how to build a daily yoga practice, proper use of props and how to adjust your practice to meet your needs.  (B)  (AB)

Yin Yoga:  Yin yoga helps to open the hips, hamstrings and connective tissue.  Poses are held for 3-5 minutes thus allowing for a deep release and increase in flexibility.  Students will explore asanas designed to promote stillness, clear energy blockages, and increase circulation.  (B)  (AB)  (I)  (P)

Yoga Flow for EVERYbody: In this mixed-level class students will explore creative and energizing vinyasas appropriate for ALL levels and abilities. (B)  (AB)  (I)  (P)

Yoga for Stiff Bodies: “I can’t touch my toes.” “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga!” “I’ll never be able to do a split.” We hear these things all the time. Many people assume you have to be a pretzel to practice yoga.  Yoga is for EVERYbody, no matter if you can only touch your knees and not your toes. This class is for those wanting to learn ways to increase flexibility in a safe and progressive way.  It is also for active people wanting to work on their flexibility. (B)  (AB)  (I)  (P)

Yoga for Weight Loss:  Yoga for Weight Loss is designed for students wanting to release extra weight, increase stamina and reduce stress. This mixed level class is open to students of all abilities. We will explore
yoga asanas designed to tighten and tone the body as well as meditation techniques to help identify and transform unhealthy practices.(B)  (AB)  (I)

YogAbs & Power Flow:  Join us for an hour of intense core strengthening exercises and heat producing, detoxing yoga vinyasas (flows). We will explore yoga asanas designed to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles
and yoga vinyasas that will aid in the detoxification process.  (AB)  (I)

Yoga Sculpt & Tone:  This energetic class is designed to strengthen tone and sculpt your whole body, while also incorporating deep stretches to increase range of motion and flexibility.  (AB)  (I)